Festivals and Awards



Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival

Best Comedy Award

Courting Chaos, made its World Premiere at the New Beverly Cinema in Hollywood, California as the opening night film at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival in February, where it won the Best Comedy Film award! Check out the review, which called it a “great film” and gave the film 9/10 stars.

Geneva Film Festival, Chicago

Best Director Award

Writer/director Alan Clay received the Best Director award for Courting Chaos, in March at the Geneva Film Festival in Chicago.

Worldfest, Houston

Best Actor Nomination

Special Jury Award - Romantic Comedy

Rachelle DiMaria, who

plays the lead role of

Ginger, was nominated

for the Best Actor

award and the film

won the Special Jury

Award for Romantic

Comedy at Worldfest

in Houston, Texas, the

oldest independent

film festival in the


Accolade Awards

Awards of Merit 

Best Director and Best Feature Film

The Accolade Awards are an international awards competition, based in California, which is a showcase for cinematic gems and unique voices. Courting Chaos has been recognized with and Award of Merit for Best Director and Best Feature Film.