Courting Chaos
Courting Chaos

A film by Alan Clay


Courting Chaos has won a string of awards at festivals, including Best Comedy Film, Best Director and Best Feature Film. Check them out on the festivals & awards page. And check out the review, which called it a “great film” and gave it 9/10 stars. Watch the trailer or watch the film in the States on Amazon Prime and Amazon Instant Video and the film is available anywhere in the world on Vimeo On Demand or IndieReign. Enjoy!

Courting Chaos is an award winning romantic comedy from New Zealand writer/director, Alan Clay. The film is set at Venice Beach in Los Angeles and was shot in August and September 2013. It has just been released on VOD through Amazon Instant Video. Find info on Alan’s award winning first feature, Butterfly Crush here.

Festivals and Awards


A Beverly Hills girl falls for a Venice Beach street clown named Chaos and she must overcome her inhibitions and become a clown herself for the relationship to survive.

Watch the film now in the States on Amazon Prime, or Instant Video and internationally on IndieReign & Vimeo On Demand.